Gatekeeping [lyrics]

Dietmar Temps

Open the portal,
Lemme walk right fucking through
Under the night, my wings,
Spread right fucking true.

Let the rain pour, acid on my face,
My mama told me,
You nothin’ just a lost case
Yo’ spine, crooked y’got no grace.

Boy, c’mere let me sit on yo’ face,
Gonna taste the rainbow, oh that sweet haste
Instead of rottin’ to a human waste,
C’mere love me, hate me,
Skin white, up from the neck, you are red-faced.

Bitch I see right through you, yo’ transparent
Yo’ skin nothin’ but paper,
Roll and lick, on my throat you’re like sandpaper
A dirty mud-scraper, he’ll come for you,
The dark knight, the skin-reaper
On your wiener, spin like crazy,
Helicopter, boy, chop me up, don’t be lazy.

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Sara S.

Content creator using writing as a tool to carve the stone of self expression.