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Ultimately the act that we call life will boil down to the truth. Sooner or later, the true nature of the act behind the masks will surface.
From a low vibrational existence, I glance across the procession of people presenting themselves one by one in my life.
As I float within this bubble of disappointment, condemnation, dread, and self-destructiveness, I take note of the people and the emotions they have left behind.
I understand them.
Most of them are afraid. Afraid of their own feelings and their consequences. That makes perfect sense since, although sentiments and emotions have the power to ruin indescribably, they are also vital to life itself when they are managed. The birth of a beginning.
The distance between life and death is quite thin, yet the difference between falling and jumping is a significant one.
Not everyone is ready. Nor they want to be ready. People can be in love and still be permanently defiant.
In this supersonic terrible human existence, bravery and boldness merge. When I say this, the search for a purpose has long since vanished.
Love isn’t a sequence of cause and effect, it is a natural birth with various complications.
The repercussions can occasionally be fatal. A death occurs. However, the procedure itself will be carried out.

The mind is a tremendous instrument that can change a person’s existence. But people continue to believe this cozy fabrication that they are victims of their own fate. The ego is a whiny, demanding child who always craves approval, dominance, and victory over all things.
The ego has the ability to take control of how humans behave, to direct neurological reactions, and to construct barriers that are so strong that not even the most pure manifestation of unconditional love can pass through them.
But there is a natural protagonist who, most of the time, stays in the forgotten realms next to the ego.
The will.The will is strong, but the flesh is weak,” as the saying goes.

Love in itself is not enough. It never was, and it never will be.
Human nature will always, by default, resist acts of selflessness, and shall forever fight, in order not to transcend the ego.

For freedom exists above the ego, and what is freedom if not the terrifying idea of the unknown in a person’s mind?



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Sara S.

Sara S.

Content creator using writing as a tool to carve the stone of self expression.