Subliminal Bliss

Before you left, you could have told me,
How it feels, to kiss you
How it seems, to be with you,
In eternal bliss, somewhere
Between reality and the subliminal,
Along the limits and borders that were
Torn apart, by the inadmissible.
I wish to be a deity,
Gliding with a soft gleaming figure
Tall, like the darken trees, next
To the window where you sleep.
I’d appear, under the night
A light, warmth, visiting you,
As you try to rest, you struggle
With your thoughts, and the mundane,
Life and connections, duties and people
Everything and everyone that weights you,
With a touch I’d release, they’d disappear
Under the thin air, without a sound,
Like a vision, I’d smile gently
You’d become light, as a feather, float,
Hover above the human world,
You’d glide a dance with me, in slow
Bounding embrace, I’d touch your forehead,
To feel your warmth, then
As from a feverish dream,
You awaken, to the sun-rays piercing through
By your side, lays your life, your duties,
Everything that I am not
And could never be.



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Sara S.

Content creator using writing as a tool to carve the stone of self expression.