Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday And Forever

Father And The Diamond

Where am I today,
Where was I, tomorrow,
Where will I be, as of now, as I speak
Here, with all of you, united.
Death visits again, this time it’s her,
It takes her soon, her fur is dust, her body crumbles
Along with the remaining fractions of my heart.
My spirit shall depart this world, it shall unite
With him, and with her, there,
On the after-part.
I left my soul, a part of me, with all of you
And as you leave, I feel the chunks, removed,
I become empty.
There is nothing anymore, as I look inside,
Apart from plain, mere darkness, a void
A warm space of nothing.
In my dream, I enter a reality, I am sitting on the couch
My head rests on his shoulder.
He’s calm, his eyelids, resting, unnoticeably flickering.
His chest rises then drops, his body warm, and heavy
I can feel it as he leans against me.
In my lap, she sits comfortably, she whimpers in her dreams,
And smiles, from behind the courtain of dreams.
I reside between the two, the diamonds of the galaxy,
Shining dust of the stars, the universe, united with us.
Father, for a moment I have forgotten that in this world,
You have been turned to dust, I’ve heard your bones rattle in a cart.
My diamond, the center of my heart, for a moment there I forgot,
That you’ve grown old, and soon, shall as well, depart.
I look at me now, sitting there in the dark,
By my side, a gleam of light, embedded, into this darkened heart,
In my center, she shines, her light glitters
And pierces through the fabric of realities, time, and all of it’s scars.

In death and in life, in here and in the never,
In reality and in the behind
I am with you, and you are with me,
And if there is even just one small chance to unite,
I shall be with you, forever, right there, sitting among the stars.



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Sara S.

Sara S.

Content creator using writing as a tool to carve the stone of self expression.