2 min readSep 21, 2022
Mayan Man, Honduras

What is love in your world?
I wonder,
It’s dark under the sun, your shadow casts,
Under which you are sacrificed.
Why are you terrified? Why you tremble?
You are seeing something, from up close
It breathes
A red mist in your face.

A woman, you live in her domain,
Rest in her bedding, and prosper
In this lies of kingdom,
That you keep in the holster.
Make me a memory,
Another shadow you ignore
But remember, that every shade is under the sun,
Below which you are sacrificed.

Why are you terrified? Why you tremble?
You won’t look at my face anymore,
There is a reason, something you won’t see
An illusion, a shadow is what you fear.
Understand this, if you hate yourself,
The hatred spreads, onto me, on her
Across your bloodline, tainting the tree,
Of life and death, time is passing.

I’ll tell you soon, what startles you,
Not demons, nor the dark
Not the blood under the sun, nor the deity
Judging above your head.
Your fear, stems from the ego, it is a crown
Made from nails, penetrating your skull,
The pain attaches to your bones
It becomes your shell, something you hide under
Instead of shedding it.

Your ancestors chanting, loud in your covered ears,
They are screaming along with my tears
A higher power towering, darkening above you,
It turns your sun red, the blood boils.
Ingorance, your bliss is a lie,
The biggest demon woke alive
You still refuse to face, altough it has been always,
In front of your face.

I feel your pain, it’s on my skin,
While it’s eating you up alive, from the inside
It tingles my arms, with which I held you,
Until you have decided to turn towards
The burning giant, you are in flames.
I have studied the darkness, I see you
I am behind the pain, watching from across,
The swirling madness, you bathe in blood,
I see your face.

As you flee, the shadows will always follow
Right until you brace yourself and turn,
And face the light, dripping from blood
The shadow would dissolve.
Come a little closer, my dear, in vain
I’ll show you why you tremble, what you fear
You don’t see my face anymore,
As I am nothing, I disappeared
and there is suddenly nothing in front of you,

only a mirror.




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